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How to use the Bonjela Technique

A little known strategy to stop distressing thoughts and feelings in under 10 minutes

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Here’s the huge problem.

Past painful and negative experiences can keep impacting our lives and keep fuelling anxiety and depression for many years if we do nothing about them.​

But it doesn't have to be that way.

That’s why, in this real-life video that I'll be sharing with you later in this article, I want to show you how one of my former clients used my bonjela technique to stop two distressing thoughts, and the painful emotions they generated which made her feel sick to the pit of her stomach.

And she was able to achieve this in under 10 minutes.

But I know this might sound unbelievable...

So please don't just take my word for it.

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What's the Bonjela Technique?

The science behind the Bonjela Technique:

The bonjela technique combines elements from mindfulness based cognitive strategies and compassionate focused cognitive therapy, and it leverages a natural hormone called oxytocin.  

This hormone helps us to access a safe soothing sensation and it has been labelled by the science world as the trust hormone. Oxytocin has also been scientifically proven to promote healing reduction of pain.

As we begin to feel warm or trusting towards a person, situation or thing, we naturally experience a warm or tingly sensation in our chest area.  This is a strong cue that the body is secreting oxytocin.

When this sensation is felt, it can be very difficult to feel fear, distress, sadness or anger at the same time.

In the video below, I walk a lady through the bonjela technique.  Remember to pay attention to the changes in her voice as her mood shifts from feelings of distress to feelings of Joy and happiness and also be sure to listen out for the pleasant surprise right at the end of the video.

See the links at the end of the article for evidence on the benefits oxytocin

Watch the video

Here is a feedback from of our readers who tried the strategy out

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P.S. Do you struggle with intrusive or difficult to control painful thoughts?  If the answer is yes, I’d love for you to share your BIGGEST issue with this in the comment section below.

Do you struggle with worry, thoughts that breed frustration or anger or thoughts that make you feel like a dark cloud is coming over you?  Please describe the issue in detail.  I’ll read every single one.

Also, please kindly share this article and video with someone else you know who is struggling with recurring distressing thoughts. You will be doing them a great help and they will be greatful to you for this too.

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Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa