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Do you struggle with high functioning anxiety or depression? And do you feel like no one has time for you because your mental health is not bad enough? If yes... Then you are in the right place.

Do you struggle with high functioning anxiety or smiling depression? You try to function well but you're really suffering inside and all you just want is to learn to cope better emotionally. If yes... Then you are in the right place.

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Our Aim &Ethos

The StressTherapist team are a group of real people, with real life experiences. 

We share stress management principles that have helped us through our own difficult experiences. 

The team is led by Adewale Ademuyiwa, a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (pictured left), who has been working in the mental health field for over 20 years.

Adewale has also struggled with social anxiety, which almost held him back from his own personal life goals. 

He learnt the techniques taught in our workshops, and has helped hundreds of people overcome their difficulties as well by following this successful method.

We believe that life becomes riddled with repeating painful experiences, because people think the best way to cope emotionally with difficulties is to ****** “KEEP ON GOING" *****

The end result? 

You never get the opportunity to find more effective ways of coping through the difficulties you encounter through life,

Through our own experiences (personal and professional), we realized that you've got to use a systematic approach to deal with the "act of coping" itself. Otherwise you just won't survive through your struggles.

Our desire is to offer you a practical (evidence-based) opportunity to learn these essential skills to cope better emotionally.

Our articles, videos, workshops and on-line
seminars empower you when you feel overwhelmed by uncontrollable life
stresses and difficult emotions.

We enable you to gain essential practical skills for remaining functional in pressured life or work environments.

We help you learn skills that keep you from collapsing emotionally using Stress Management Strategies
carefully chosen from:  

– Neuroscience  –Behavioral Science
– Psychology       –Human Biology

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