How to Bounce Back After a Mental Breakdown

Still struggling with the
effects of past trauma?

Our compassionate therapy programs
help you heal and reclaim your power to thrive.





Trapped in cycles of pain...

Robbed of control...

Chained to the past.

Just surviving... Not living.

Our integrative approach helps you:


Develop inner resilience and emotional regulation skills... So that you can avigate life's challenges with greater ease


Break engrained trauma patterns... And create a more fulfilling future beyond survival


Rediscover meaning and purpose... Which will help you find direction and fulfillment in your life

It's Adewale here...

With over 27 years experience helping trauma survivors, I understand how hard it is to break free from the past's grip.

Our program gives you tools to rebuild safety, trust, and inner resilience using advanced therapies.

My compassionate approach has guided over 1,600 people into empowered lives beyond survival.

Healing is possible - let me help you start your recovery journey.

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Combining Schema, Polyvagal and Neuroscientific Treatments...

Here is how our programs work for you...

Establish Safety

We calm your nervous system and create an inner sense of security. This provides a foundation.

Process Trauma

We carefully reprocess memories and release their emotional charge. This facilitates healing.

Break Toxic Patterns

We break you free from toxic survival behaviors that hold you back in life.

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The Life You Want is Waiting

At StressTherapist.net, we know your deep desire is to be free from the past and live a meaningful, stable life beyond just surviving. How is this achieved?

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To achieve this, you need healing tools to transform your relationship to old wounds. The problem is being trapped in demoralizing cycles of emotional turmoil & toxic coping habits which leave you feeling isolated and robbed of control.

But deep healing is possible. Our compassionate 3-step therapy program draws on advanced techniques like schema therapy, polyvagal treatment, and neuroscience to facilitate lasting recovery.

Schema therapy transforms dysfunctional patterns so you can break free from toxic coping behaviors holding you back. Polyvagal exercises establish a sense of safety by calming the nervous system.  And neuroscience informs our memory processing approach to gently release trauma's charge.

Choose a program today to start reclaiming your power and living each day to the fullest.

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From Scars to Strength: Testimonials of Our Clitents Triumph Over Trauma

Previously I felt totally incapacitated and unable to accomplish anything at work because of panic attacks and flashbacks... Now I have the tools to manage my headspace proactively. I no longer feel like a prisoner to my trauma
Tina Marie
I used to think self-care had to be earned through accomplishing something meaningful. So I would go days without basic self-care... Now I no longer rely on external validation to justify taking care of myself.
Jemma Halesbury
Getting through daily basics felt impossible let alone any real responsibilities. But through learning emotional regulation and self-compassion in therapy, I've regained my ability to function and take on responsibilities, both personally and professionally.
Blessing Olalope
I no longer feel crippled by the trauma I've experienced. Instead, I feel equipped to take care of myself and those around me. I've gone from barely getting by each day to becoming someone others can depend on.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Jenna Fitzpatrick
I didn't think I was capable of being in a healthy relationship before. But now I have the skills and strength of character to show up fully for my loved ones.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
David Massenburg
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC

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Personalized Strategies For Healing Trauma
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Long-term success
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Surviving Difficult Family Members Challenge
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Skills To Survive a Toxic Home Environment
Find Peace
Improve Communication
Build Confidence
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Take Back Control Resillience Building Challenge
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30 Day Challenge
Manage Stress Better to Bounce Back Easily
Increase Resilience
Gain Perspective
Build Coping Skills
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Discover subtle behaviours that block your healing from trauma

There are a total of 167 subtle behaviours that block recovery from trauma.

Why is this important? Because you may be working real hard to change one or two whilst there are another 20 subtle ones blocking your healing. Meaning nothing you do will work.

Take our quiz to find out what's blocking you...


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