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Our Take Back Control (TBC) System Works For you...

If you are an employee, student or parent who is struggling emotionally... And this is making it near impossible to cope with all your responsibilities... Or stopping you from enjoying your relationships... And preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

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How to beat morning depression without therapy or medication

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I truly support your work and suggest to others to join...
I know they get great care...

Kay Lennox Winstone

DWD Facebook Page Head Admin

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Adewale I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to join the workshop last night.

For those who missed out...
Adewale provided me a technique I had never heard of using 2 things that are always with me and that people will barely notice!

I feel very lucky & fortunate to have you as my therapist, thank you!

Maxine Fielder

"Can I just say even after the first lesson I am so very excited about this Adewale and I look forward to the next lesson.You have given me a different way to look at day to day living."

Marian Thomas

"I just don't know how often you get told how amazing your emails are and how they are so practical and how they really help...

I have been subscribed to your emails for years and it was the best decision..."

Aby Leefe

The TBC Resilience Building Sessions

What's my investment?

How much is the inability to cope costing you? How many people have you disappointed because you have no energy or motivation? How many promising relationships have you lost because your emotions aren't stable? How many brilliant jobs have you turned down because you don't trust yourself to cope?  How many times has negative thinking held you back from moving forward? The inability to cope emotionally may already be costing you a great deal.  

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