How to squash morning depression

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49 self-compassion meditation scripts to help you grow and thrive

"One of the greatest discoveries of this generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

Adewale Ademuyiwa

This is an extremely important principle. Because of this principle, people can break free from the habits of the past and create a new life for themselves. Because of this principle, people can learn to stop living in fear and pain.

So beware of the choices you make about how you think of yourself.

You can choose to think about yourself in a positive light or a negative light. If you can learn to think positively about yourself, you will find it easier to face life's challenges, and your life will be less stressful and emotionally challenging.

To help you towards this goal, here are 49 self-compassion scripts to help you develop a loving sense of yourself and your life.

1. Mindful self-compassion for daily living

2. Tending to your emotional mind with love and care

3. Self-acceptance meditation

4. Befriending your self-judgement and criticism

5. Compassionate Resolve

6. Embracing Your Inner Critic

7. Loving-Kindness Meditation

8. Sensory Awareness of Body Sensations

9. Compassion for Cognitive Distortions

10. Meditation to stop fearing yourself

11. Awareness of the physical sensations of fear

12. Accepting yourself by using positivity

13. Breathing in the feeling of being loved

14. Acknowledging your success

15. Appreciation of who you are

16. Awareness of what you like about yourself

17. Visualizing a place where you feel good

18. Praying for compassion for yourself

19. Healing your shame

20. Accepting the differences between you and others

21. Mindfully listening to your own voice

22. Listening to your pain with care and curiosity

23. Breathing in affection for yourself

24. Forgiveness and Self-Compassion Meditation

25. Giving Kindness to Your Mind and Thoughts

26. Giving Yourself Care Through Physical Touch

27. Giving Yourself Compassion for a Difficult Situation

28. Giving Yourself Compassion for Failures and Mistakes

29. Giving Yourself Love and Kindness

30. In-Depth Practice for Self-Compassion

31. Self Kindness imagery meditation

32. Self-Love in moments of doubt meditation

33. Steps to Self-Soothe meditation

34. Visualizing Receiving Love and Care meditation

35. Wishing ourselves well in moments of self-loathing

36. Wishing well being for  others even when they dislike us

37. Practicing kindness for your feelings

38. Befriending your inner critic

39. Mindful Forgiveness for your inner critic

40. Affirming your inner strength

41. Creating a positive attitude

42 Recognising your worthiness

43. Taking ownership of your life from trauma

44. Tending to your inner child

45. Reconnecting compassionately with your true self

46. Breathing in gratitude

47. Meditation for Self-Care

48. Mindful positive self-talk

49. Honest self-reflection for growth



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Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa


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