How to squash morning depression

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Do this "one thing" to prevent anxiety from stealing your life

How to stop feeling overwhelmed with life

Anxiety is part of life. But anxiety that becomes cripplingly severe is not.

When anxiety becomes crippling, it robs you of your ability to live your life to the fullest. It keeps you in a state of hyper-vigilance, where you are constantly ‘on edge’ - afraid something terrible will happen.

At this point, it has become a part of your personality… and your entire being. You are no longer living but just existing - going through the motions of daily life - waiting for the ‘end’ that will finally put an end to this nightmare.

In this article, I am going to help you develop a more functional, non-sabotaging approach to dealing with difficult times in your life... so you can experience peace and contentment instead of anxiety and overwhelm.

But first, I start with some context.

A simple way to reduce anxiety in your life...and replace it with a sense of peace and contentment.

An “anxious mind” is an “unrelenting” mind. An unrelenting mind is a sabotaging mind.

Anxiety-producing situations are often created by our reliance on our perceived “strong points” or habitual ways of coping that are not working anymore (or not working as well) because they are no longer functional.

So, one way we can reduce our anxiety-producing situations is by reducing our reliance on our “ancient hardware” or perceived “strong points” and making more functional use of the new (or enhanced) coping skills our brains have available to us.

 Here is a case study explaining what I am describing here fully. 

How Tara, an accountant, overcame her anxiety and overwhelming feelings for good

Tara was an intelligent accountant in a job she loved.  Had a nice house and a nice car. But was constantly on edge, highly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Now Tara believed that she was an emotionally weak person that could not handle stress.

So she put a lot of effort into achieving things. She worked full time... Studied full-time for her master's... Learned how to drive... Tried to stay healthy and do hobbies. So that she can always put her best self forward.

But none of the things she tried made her feel any better. Her past just kept on hunting her making her feel like she would always never be good enough.

You see, Tara was heavily bullied and beaten throughout her childhood to teenage years for being intelligent, and for having red hair and freckles.  

She worried about speaking her opinions because whenever her opinion was different from others, even if she was right, they would pick on her, and if they disagreed she feared that she would get rejected:

To cope with these childhood problems, Tara developed the following coping strategies...

She tried to look strong and wear a humorous mask. She kept conversations light so people don't dig in too much into finding out who she really is. But using this coping strategy resulted in the following problems...

It made her feel more anxious and vulnerable when around others.

It made her feel like she was constantly having to pretend to be someone she wasn't.  and sadly this made her feel that she was not worthy of being liked by others.

Tara also tried her best to always be ahead of the game and always get everything done early. Work hard to ensure that Tasks don't pile up. If they Pile up I won't get them done. To avoid failure in life.

But using this coping strategy also resulted in the following problems... She became less confident, she believed that her self-worth was determined by the achievements she could make.

But the more she tried to control the problems using good and positive changes and achievements, the more her problems controlled her till Tara felt like she had no control over her life. This led to increased panic and anxiety.

This is the trap you must avoid

Essentially the same strategies that enabled Tara to go through her difficult childhood experiences of being bullied were now the same strategies causing her to over-plan, overwork, and constantly fear social situations where people could find out her weaknesses, and use them against her

Before Tara could become less anxious and less drained, Tara had to reduce the amount of time she planned and checked before acting on things. She also reduced her tendency to neglect herself in favour of being kind to others.

The result was that Tara began to have more time and energy to live her life the way she really wanted. She was able to develop an improved ability to feel calm, grounded, and able to function at a high level even when problems arose.

Now over to you...

Can you relate to Tara's experience?

Would you like to stop being so controlled by your fears, and instead feel in complete control of your life.

Would like to consistently lower your level of anxiety and stress! So you can enjoy life more and not take things so seriously?

If yes, then...

Here is the exact process you can use to overcome anxiety and overwhelming feelings for good.

You see, over my 22 plus years working as a mental health practitioner, I have witnessed this trap become the NO 1. reason why 99% of the people I come across breakdown mentally.

You see, society wants you to believe that your weaknesses are the sources of your emotional problems.

This is not true.

Your weaknesses only exist because you have been relying way too much on certain strengths, positive traits and positive habits.

These positive things have become embedded into your lifestyle, and this is what's kicking you out of balance, causing you to become mentally unstable.

As such, to stop re-victimizing all you've got to do is to figure out what those strengths, positive traits or positive coping habits are and reduce reliance on them.

To help you in pinpointing strengths and positive strategies sabotaging you click below to read about 36 such positive traits that promote mental health problems here...

36 crazy good habits that (surprisingly) crank up your anxiety and depression.


This Changes Everything:

Are you trying to stop being overwhelmed by life... but finding that developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude is just too much to handle?

Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old strategies that don't work? You need to learn about a new way of dealing with the mental "weight" of life that actually gives you a chance at surviving and thriving even in the most trying situations.

If you want to learn a simple 3-step process that can turn your anxiety and overwhelm into excitement and enthusiasm... and start living a large and rewarding life, then I have a video series that will teach you some very effective healthy coping habits that can help you become more peaceful, happy and less stressed out!

Click here to find out more. 

 This changes everything!

Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa


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