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Anxiety and Depression: 3 Mistakes That Cause Repeated Relapse

Introducing the 3 Toxic Mindsets 

  • Toxic Mindset 1 causes you to lose the hope and motivation to fight emotional difficulties. It makes you frustrated that you're no longer the person you used to be. You feel like you've become a weaker person because you have no control of your emotions anymore.

  • Toxic Mindset 2 causes you to freak out when too many things are happening at the same time. It makes you lose perspective and gives you that foggy brain feeling. It forces you into a frame of mind where you can't stop thinking negatively.

  • Toxic Mindset 3 causes you to sacrifice your life plans because of anxiety and depression. You are forced to choose the lesser things in life because it makes you believe you are not good enough.

Click the link to find out how to avoid them.

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36 crazy good habits that (surprisingly) crank up your anxiety and depression

Do you recognize any of these habits in yourself? Could they be why  you keep relapsing?

Ever wished you could take a holiday from life?

A holiday that resets everything.

Because you know the only way you can go forward is to have some kind of reset button.

You can see what you are now. You can see what’s brought you here.

You've been through a lot in life, had a lot of bad times. And now you are battling anxiety and depression every single day.

But you can’t put back the clock.

You can’t go back and change what you've become.

You see, anxiety or depression on their own can be energy draining, but when they feed off each other, you simply lose the will to live. 

And it's worse, when you’ve had to fight these two demons every day for years, trying every medication and every therapy and nothing works.

I mean, how much pain can one person be expected to tolerate?

What is the point? What is the way out?

Are there any answers?

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Depression Management: WARNING! Ignore these 5 tips at the risk of relapse

So you would like to  avoid the repeating relapses.

I'll be honest with you, when struggling with depression, achieving all that progress in recovery and maintaining it is really difficult.

However, although its difficult, we can't hide from the fact that there are people who have been able to maintain recovery from their depression.

So what are they doing differently?

Here is a feedback from one of my clients who was depressed from her early teenage years. She was also diagnosed with dyslexia and had some back pain issues too.

Read what she says.

"The sessions have helped me to stop over analysing everything.  I am now not getting overly stressed, which has had the effect of helping me manage my depression better. I have been able to wean myself off my antidepressants, obviously with my doctor’s guidance.Now for the first time in ten years I have been off my antidepressants for almost a month, and I am still feeling better than I have ever felt in a long while. In the past my depression would come back with full force within just one week of stopping my meds.What’s strange is that my anxiety is also reduced even though I have been stressed beyond belief. My sleep has improved too..."

Now over to you...

My belief is that this type of recovery from depression is not just for "a select few."  

I believe anyone can achieve this once they know the system to follow.

So in this article on depression management, I will be taking you through a five part video series on a system  for managing depression better so you too can a have a chance to start avoiding those repeated relapses.

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How to stop a manipulative family member from draining you emotionally

‍So you've got a Difficult Family Member and you want to stop getting  trapped emotionally in his or her manipulative games.  In this article, I am going to be sharing one essential tip that can help you move towards achieving this.

Then at the end I will show you where you can download a 7 point check-list that

  • Helps to ensure that you can turn your situation around by actively spotting when you are about to slip into survival behaviours that cause your DFM to manipulate and push you around emotionally. This way, you can stop the situation quickly before it drains you. 

  • Using the check-list can help, guarantee that you know how to take a better, more relaxed/calm, down to earth approach, and change how you react instead of trying to change other people (whom you CANNOT change, by the way). 

  • The check-list will help you make sure that you can stay calm, question everything, and spend your energy wisely (on the more important things in your life). This is so essential for retaining a perspective of life that helps you control your way of thinking. 

  • It will help you guarantee that you can use your DFM's manipulation to your advantage and react in such a way that you can reach a positive outcome at least for yourself. 

  • And lastly, This 7 point check-list will help ensure you know how to move on quickly from these energy sucking events. Sounds good? 

    Okay, let’s dig in. 
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Is workplace bullying destroying your performance and mental health

Here are 3 Critical Tips to prevent you from being driven past the point of exhaustion, so you don't end up making mistakes that the bully can capitalize on!

How do you cope with a co-worker who's always dominating and bullying you? Especially when many people have resigned because of this person and it seems everyone, even upper management is afraid to do anything about them.

Today, I’ll be sharing 3 highly effective tips for coping better when someone is bullying you at work.

The third tip is crucial because it highlights the main reason why many people loose to their bullies. For this one reason alone, many bullies have been successful in getting other people fired or getting them to resign.

So read on to learn how to avoid this trap.

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When something positive and even enjoyable becomes the source of major stress - Are you making this mistake too?

It just sneaked up on me. I did not see it coming and then BANG!

I'll tell you more in a second.

But first, I want to raise the roof with a mighty shout. StressTherapist.net is back in action on-line. I'll be giving you a sneak preview to what we have in store for you in a sec.

First a mighty big thank you to all of you, "our fans," for your patience and for still staying with us this long.

So what was the BANG I just mentioned about?

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How to Start Feeling Like You Are Good Enough

I keep ruining things for myself... I am ruining things for everybody... Why is this happening to me?

I am an adult, I should be able to cope... Why can't I change the way I think?

I feel like I am a child.It’s my fault, I am not handling things well... I am missing out on so much.

There is a lot of emotions surrounding this way of thinking that can be exhausting.

It changes you as a person.

It can push you to that place where you lose trust in yourself.

It can make you end up not liking yourself, making you think you are a horrible person.

Or make you hate certain traits about yourself.

Recently, I came across this new research study suggesting that...

BULLYING IS LINKED TO DEPRESSION: NEW research study suggests.

This highlights two extremely important points for anyone who wants to learn how to cope better, emotionally.(See link to the study below).

Important point 1:  

If you blame yourself for being depressed, anxious or stressed, and you've been bullied in the past, this is a good time to put the blame in the right place.

In other words, your depression, anxiety, or stress is not because you ARE NOT trying hard enough to recover, but because of the impact of the bullying/abuse on you.

Important Point 2: 

If bullying can have this much of an impact on a person, imagine what the impact of bullying ourselves is doing to us.

I know I have been saying this a lot recently, but I am not going to apologize for saying it again…

We need to invest time in learning to be kinder to ourselves.

Now, if you can relate to all I have said so far, you’re probably thinking,

“I know this is true, just don't know what to do to be kind to myself.”

And that’s what I intend to address in this article.

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How to cope with family who fail to understand your emotional pain or struggles

It had only been 3 months after her life threatening operation.  Fatima, found herself constantly feeling exhausted and in a lot of physical pain.  She was frustrated because her body was forcing her to do everything extremely slowly.

She knew how much had to be done for her 2 year old daughter and husband who was out working all the time, and felt massively guilty about this.

And, to make matters worse, her husband was piling pressure on her, insinuating that she was making herself become fat and useless by lazing around the house doing nothing.

I mean, can you believe it?

What do you do when a family member, who thinks they are helping you, but is actually making your life more difficult, doesn’t understand your struggle despite your best efforts to explain things to them?

How do you cope with:-

  • Family who make you feel depressed and disrespected when you are around them.
  • Family who don’t seem to realize that they are a big part of the pain you are going through. They say they care about you but you don't feel that way about them.
  • Family who tell you that you’re over reacting to things all the time, and have the nerve to call you a big baby.

How do you cope with all of that?

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Got high-functioning anxiety? Avoid 2 costly mistakes that could cripple you emotionally

Are you caught in this routine of desperation?

Are you the high functioning type?

Trying to overcome some weaknesses you see in yourself.  

Trying to change the way you emotionally react to things.  

Trying to stop yourself from freaking out inside.

Reading lots of self-help books and articles. Trying to be a strong, independent person.

But in that moment of weakness...

When plans change unexpectedly...

When panic flashes through your body...

You find yourself repeating the same old mistakes.

So you conclude...

“this proves that I'm a failure... This proves I am weak.

Because whenever I think I've gotten stronger, some problem occurs and my internal reaction to it proves that all my  efforts to get over my weaknesses are in vain.”

If you can relate, please take note...


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Can't stop over analysing things? Here's a tip on how your beloved PET can help you beat the over thinking problem in 30 days

Stacey came to me with this huge frustration

"I find myself over thinking every possible threat or minor thing in my life, so much so, they gain control over me and become all too consuming."

She continued…

“If not for Maple, I would have ended everything by now”

Maple is the name of her dog, an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

She continued…

“The problem is that although I love every moment I spend with her, the minute I have to put her down, all the negative painful thoughts come rushing back.” 

Sounds familiar?

You know how those negative thoughts keep flooding back as soon as you stop doing something engaging or important?

Well, in this article I’d like to share how Stacey used my Bonjela Technique, and the comfort she experienced from Maple her Cavi, to overcome her persistent over thinking problem in 30 days.

I call this technique the Ultimate Pet Support Method.

Then I’ll show you where you can download a 100% free worksheet that walks you through exactly how she did it, so that you can potentially get similar or better results.

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How to stop distressing memories and associated feelings in under 10 minutes

And a tip that can help you stop those distressing feelings and memories from coming back repeatedly with painful vengeance

Here's the huge problem,

Past painful and negative experiences can keep impacting our lives and keep fuelling anxiety and depression for many years if we do nothing about them.​

Many people try harder to bury or forget past distressing thoughts and memories by keeping busy or employing various forms of distractions. 

But this tends to leave them feeling more exhausted, not able to relax and unable to enjoy the good things they have in their lives right now. Like enjoying spending time with their kids and loved ones.

Some people try harder to block away the distressing memories by using alcohol or illicit drugs. 

And whilst this can be powerful in creating relief from the thoughts. The relief is only temporary at best, and this approach will keep  you needing to rely on illicit substances, robbing you of ever being able to develop your own emotional coping skills.

Lastly, other people try harder to stop the distressing thoughts by bullying or being harsh and rude to themselves. Sadly this often leads to more frustration, causing people to dislike themselves for not being able to stop. 

The end result of all these tactics is an increase in the frequency of painful thoughts and an increase in the intensity distressing feelings one is constantly experiencing. At the extreme, you find that you can stop yourself from falling apart so frequently.

But it doesn't have to be that way. That’s why, in this real life video I will be sharing with you later in this article, I want to show you how one of my former clients used my bonjela technique to stop two distressing thoughts and the painful feelings generated that made her feel sick to the pit of her stomach. 

And she was able to achieve this within 10 minutes.

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Why Keeping Quiet About Your Mental Health Struggles is Dangerous

Sickly Stigma

Ever had to take a lot of sick days off work?Maybe due to anxiety, stress or feeling depressed.

Or maybe due to the impact of a physical health condition like diabetes, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue.

Most days, when you do go into work, you're just forcing yourself to go in. Even though you know you don't feel well enough.

And whilst at work...

You do your best to keep up with everyone's expectations. 

But, despite all your hard work, it's clear that no one appreciates that you are working twice as hard as everyone else because of your difficulties.

This is a real problem that can get exhausting and soul destroying. 

It makes you feel like there's no point carrying on.

But you can't just drop your Job. Cause who'd pay the bills?

Do you tell your boss that you are struggling, or do you just keep pretending that you are okay? 

Should you open up to let people know what you are going through?

Or do you just allow people to BULLY you into pushing yourself harder just to avoid harassment, discrimination and negative judgements?

Granted, this is ONE Hell OF A DECISION TO MAKE!

But, before you make that decision, here's a crucial point to consider.

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The No.1 Deterrent to Recovery in Depression. And how to avoid it.

The No. 1 Deterrent to Recovery in Depression

The greatest lesson I've learnt about recovering from depression is that we can only recover fully from it when we are able to separate ourselves from the symptoms of depression.

In my experience of working in rehab for depression. I am amazed that almost all the clients I have worked with had a tendency to see their depressive symptoms as an annoying and sometimes embarrassing extension of their character and personality.

In this article clarify how this problem entraps people in a lifelong experience of depression so that you can avoid this trap. 

Then I will share a quick but surprisingly effective 4 step practical strategy I call The Self-generated Observer’s Perspective Method, which can help you avoid getting entangled in this trap.

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