How to squash morning depression

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Emotional weakness... Could we be wrong about it?

🤓😎🎼🎧🥸Is it possible that what we perceive as emotional weakness...

Or inability to cope...

Is actually caused by our inability to self-soothe properly?🛌😎🎹.

I'll elaborate...

📔Many studies have now shown that our body relies heavily on a three-system pathway to maintain balance (Check out the works of Dr Paul Gilbert, the founder of compassionate focused cognitive therapy, for some evidence on this).✍🏼

The three-part system includes...

1. The threat system...
2. The drive system...
3. And the self-soothing system (Safety & Soothing systems).

⛓️They all work together using a combination of organs and hormones in the body.⛓️

🙂😁😀And when a person feels balanced or in a good place irrespective of life's pressures, it's because these three systems are working well together.🥳🙂☺️

When you regularly feel overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out and in a bad place, it's often because you are missing out on using one of the elements of the system efficiently.🫢😯😱

Sadly, for a lot of people, the part that is often missing out is the self-soothing system (Safety & Soothing systems).

And if you think about it, that is why unhealthy habits like comfort eating🍕🍔🥘, drinking alcohol heavily🧋🍷, smoking heavily 🚬🚭and even things like self-harm can often become addictive. 

Because they produce a warming, self-soothing effect on the body.

People feel a temporary sense of relief from negative thoughts and emotions. They get a dopamine boost and this makes them feel better.😶🌫️🪷😌

But that good feeling never lasts as they then get bombarded with feelings of guilt, depression, stress and anxiety.😟😨😥


What this is really highlighting is that a lot of people spend most of their lives living purely within the drive and threat system. They stay in zones that promote feelings of threat, anxiety, overwhelm and worry.

The bottom line is that if you are constantly living your life just feeling threatened and being driven, your body will demand some self-soothing... Your body will demand some love. 

And if you don't give this "love" to your body when it needs it, your body will drive you to self-soothe in unhealthy ways.🚬🍷🧋🍔

That is why most people feel powerless to resist their unhealthy habits.

So what is my point...

If your lifestyle consists mostly of doing nothing at all to self-soothe, you will naturally struggle with a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress, and a lot of depression symptoms

Although this seems like a small thing...

🛩️The truth is that self-soothing is as important as air and it is as important as food is to your body. ✈️ Self-soothing can lead to feelings of calmness. 

And In turn, this can lead to improved productivity, which is a critical aspect of resilience in life

If you've found this useful...

I'd like to invite you to check out my tutorial on "How to maintain productivity without breaking down" so you can live a happier, healthier life, regardless of your current circumstances.

Here's the link...

How to maintain productivity [Without breaking down].

Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa


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