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When deep thinking makes you vulnerable to emotional problems

When deep thinking makes you vulnerable to emotional problems

Has deep thinking become your core coping strategy?

Yes, It’s true…

Deep thinking can give you a broader perspective of life’s experiences and prepares you for things which others might not see coming. Equipping you with responses so you don’t get caught out so much in discussions.

It can be great fun exploring deep and esoteric topics.  

But, is deep thinking bringing any negatives into your life?

Has deep thinking become an addiction that’s working against you?

And Just like a drug addict who feels totally helpless when going cold turkey…

Has relying too much on deep thinking made you feel completely inept when you don’t have the chance to plan ahead?

Do you now believe you need to always think deeply to be ready for life?

Sadly, if you’ve fallen for this deep-thinking trap…

you may have noticed now that whenever you leave your thoughts unattended to, it’ll shoot off analyzing the nature of existence or something random all by itself and you just get dragged along on this ride.

And this will easily send you into deep spirals of thought that descend so deep into troubling areas that you’d get depressed and wish you could just turn it off and just be a simple person who never looked beneath the surface of life.

But worse…

The stronger you get at deep thinking, the more you will lose interest in the people around you who seem to waste their time chatting about shallow topics.

This means you will always be on a different wavelength to others around you.  

So, you always feel disconnected.

You always feel awkward.

You’ll struggle to hold simple conversations because your deep thinking causes you to over analyze every small action you make.

Like “how much eye contact should you be making?” “Is this too much?”

Which eye? Should I look at the mouth etc.

If you can relate…

I want to leave you with some encouraging words.

Things don’t have to get this bad.

You just have to recognize that your deep-thinking ability is really only a skill.

But a skill that you have over relied on.

This over reliance created an imbalance that has weakened you in many areas of life.

But now you know this, you’ve got the power to turn things around.

All you’ve got to do is to practice relying more on shallow thinking.

I know it sounds wrong…

However, shallow thinking helps you develop confidence with small talk. It helps to stop you reading to much into everything.

Shallow thinking helps you stay present and out of your head.

The more you use shallow thinking to balance out your deep thinking, the more this will bring a special kind of peace and connectedness to life and the people around you. Filling you with a new sense of adventure and purpose. And giving you a joyful reason to wake up every day.

I hope this article is helpful…

However please don’t hesitate to reach out to me If you would like more practical help with using shallow thinking for creating balance in your life.

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Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa


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