How to squash morning depression

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The No.1 reason why everyone struggling with negative emotions should become a master of balance

As you read every word of this article...

You'll discover the No.1 reason why everyone struggling with negative emotions should become a master of balance...

Sadly, almost everybody gets this wrong! You see, one of the biggest keys to successfully dealing with your emotions is finding the right balance in the things you do.

You probably know many people who try to overcome their emotional problems by becoming obsessed with achieving some change.

And of course, you've heard about people trying to achieve their goals, but in their desperate attempts, they lose sight of what is truly important.

They forget that life is about the journey, not the destinations. And during the journey, you got to make a lot of turns.

By focusing solely on the destination, you are more likely to miss your turnings.

Which then means you may never arrive at your destination. But what does this analogy have to do with mastering balance...

Like most people, the path we take in life is determined by our foundational experiences.

The negative experiences we had whilst growing up cause us to develop certain ways of coping. And quite often those ways of coping become our life's destination. They develop into habits which then push us out of balance as we grow older.

Leading to a myriad of emotional health problems.

This was the case with Greg, one of my former clients.

As a child, Greg had a lot of behavioural differences. These differences made him stand out, causing a lot of children to ostracize and bully him.

Naturally, this made him feel insignificant in himself. And as a result, he developed a lot of strategies just to cope.

For example...

Greg developed a tendency to appear happy, jovial, and jokey. He did this because it made all the kids laugh and be attracted to him.

He developed a tendency to be calm so as to not let anything get to him.

He also did all in his power to remain a decent person who people liked to be around. Doing this helped to prevent him from behaving in ways other people did not like.

You see, Greg believed that if he became the best version of himself, his negative traits would stop impacting his life negatively.

This goal of being the best version of himself became his sole focus and destination in life.

But as Greg became older, he started suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety.

Why Greg was caught in a web of emotional problems

No matter how hard he tried to be better, he couldn't stop himself from feeling frustrated.

Things that other people would consider small irritation felt massive to him. His low moments became intense with strong feelings of restlessness and helplessness. and he became extremely anxious due to failure to prevent himself from getting depressed over and over.

Greg could not understand what was happening. why did the strategies stop working?

In therapy, we discovered that in his effort to remain a better version of himself, Greg was relying way too much on coping strategies. The strategies he learned in his childhood. But sadly, those same strategies became root causes of his mental health problems.

Essentially, his tendency to remain happy and calm had caused him to avoid the real problems in his life.

This then piled up to cause even more problems.

And his attempts to remain a decent person caused him to become too self-critical.

He couldn't stop finding reasons to dislike himself.

How Greg broke free of his mental health difficulties

At this point, we introduced the concept of balance to Greg. To achieve balance, all Greg had to do was to reduce his reliance on all those coping strategies. It was important that he did not get rid of them entirely because the strategies all had their benefits.

As Greg began reducing reliance on his coping strategies... He noticed that the problems in his life were reducing. He stopped feeling so low and felt he was in control of his life again. He felt less anxious because he knew that even if things did go wrong, he now had tools to cope with it. Greg was able to achieve and maintain a positive mental state.

And all it took for Greg to achieve this was to bring balance back into his life

Relating this back to you.

If you struggle with any emotional health problem.

And if this emotional problem keeps coming back and disabling...

Then there is a 99% chance that like Greg... You too are over-relying on coping strategies that are now breaking you.

And this is holding you back from experiencing the happy and fulfilling life you truly deserve.

To get yourself back in balance, you've got to...

1. figure out what you are relying way too much on and...

2. reduce reliance on it to bring yourself back into balance.

Once you can do this, like Greg, you will start to find it way easier to break free from negative emotions.

Now if you need some practical help in figuring all of this out for yourself...

You can get my free PDF guide on how to stop re-victimizing yourself. In this PDF, I go through the steps for creating a balanced life as I have described in this email.

So, just head over to www.stresstherapist.net/wellness. And this will certainly give you the best insights into how you can implement balance into your life today.

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Written by Adewale Ademuyiwa


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