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Easy-to-follow tutorials for increasing your self-confidence so you overreact less to things and can become happy, motivated and enthusiastic in your life.

The most advanced practical training ever published, diving deep into each topic and teaching you all the intricate details.

But without all the “fluff” in most video and audio courses.

Strategies I've used to help myself STOP feeling OVERWHELMED with NORMAL LIFE.

And techniques I use to help my clients  become SELF-RESILIENT and achieve more fulfilment in their life.

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The Secret To Learning Healthy Habits
That Help You Cope Better Emotionally.

Would you like to know?

There's a very strange thing happening.

Strange in that you are affected by it but most people don't even know it exists.

  1. This strange thing determines the path you take in life.
  2. It determines the dynamics within your relationships. It determines the progress you experience at work.
  3. It massively impacts your ability to be confident in yourself.
  4. It has a huge influence on whether you become happy or unhappy.
  5. And it decides whether you can live a fulfilled life.

What is this thing?

Here it is...

Over the last 20 years working in the mental health service, I've learnt that...

Relying too much on positive habits, positive abilities and positive coping skills will lock you in a negative life.


Because when you rely too much on anything, no mater how good,  you become dependent (EVEN ADDICTED) to that thing.

I know that sounds like a wrong thing to say. But I'll explain using the picture below...

Imagine you are this lady trying to walk up this steep staircase.

All your goals and desires are at the top of the stairs and you are trying your best to reach them.

Your desired goal could be…

But then as you climb the stairs, you’ve got the pressure of gravity and winds pushing back on you.

The gravity and winds represent obstacles which are outside your control.

Like the corona virus lock down. Like other people who make life hard for you. Or like dealing with annoying confrontations that can come with people.

These obstacles make it harder for you to get to the top and stay at the top

They make it harder to achieve your goals.

Now Imagine there is this massive boulder tied to your back pulling you back down the stairs.

This boulder is 10 times your size.

Pay attention because this is the strange part...

The boulder is created by positive things you do to help yourself cope. NOT negative or bad things.

It is usually something that looks helpful.

Something that initially protects you.

Something that initially brings relief.

But in the long run this positive, helpful thing weakens you emotionally and stops you from achieving your life goals.

So for example…

Tom loves to have a peaceful atmosphere. So he always avoids trouble. And he always keeps away from confrontation

Can Tom’s love for peace become an emotional trap?


First the problems he has with people would build up and never be resolved because he keeps sweeping stress under the carpet for the sake of peace.

And secondly, because Tom’s always avoiding confrontations, he never develops good skills for managing them. So Tom could literally have a breakdown when life forces a confrontation on him which he can’t avoid.

Another example…

Sandy is an intelligent deep thinker, who only enjoys having meaningful conversations that matter to her.

Can Sandy’s love for meaningful deep conversation become an emotional trap?


This positive trait could cause Sandy to feel awkward in social situations where small-talk is a necessity. This could then lead Sandy to develop social anxiety. Which would make it harder to work in situations where she must engage people.

Can you see how both examples start off with good intentions but then end up in a bad place?

And the big point here is that...

A similar thing is happening to you if you are struggling with anxiety, or depression or stress related problems...

And  no medication or yoga or therapy will work if you fail to address these core issues.​

But, don't just take my word for this.

Here's what Christian, one of my former clients had to say about this

"I’ve tried a lot of the things you’ve told me out. I’m giving it all a go…

And it’s been a bit weird because I didn’t think I’d get results. And some other stuff we talked about, even though it makes sense, it still feels weird because it’s kind of like contradicting everything I've been told in the past. So is just kind of weird, but like a good weird if that makes sense.

At the start, I was confused, because I was like thinking how is this going to help me, but as it session has gone on, I felt it started to make more sense. And when I put into practice, it’s made even more sense. As I saw the results happening,

I would have never have thought toning down your strengths and stuff like that would help me. And I do feel it’s made the difference. My mum’s noticed a difference as well. And I can see how the things we talked about has changed to me for the better."

Christian Stokes


To develop emotional resilience, You've got to...

Stop wasting time with all those generic self-help personal development books and blog posts.

Instead, you've got to follow the correct emotional rules for your specific personality and the specific situation you are dealing with.

What! No Magic Pills, Overnight fixes and No Hypnosis!

Nope, sorry to disappoint you.

The truth is far less advertising, I'm afraid;

You've heard stories of student doctors dedicating their lives to the mastery of their skill. They study and practice for hours upon hours until they're absolutely confident that when the day comes, they won't kill their patient on the operating table.

Well, that's the same dedication I apply to developing emotional resilience.

To me, it’s not just a tiny hobby I tinker around with on the side. It’s my lifeblood, It’s the air I breathe, maybe even a calling. And I’ve dedicated thousands upon thousands of hours to the mastery of my emotional well-being.

Want to be as good as me?

Well, until recently, you only had two options:

1. Drop everything in your life and think about nothing but how to cope better for the next decade.

2. Pay expert therapists anything from £500 upwards per month, indefinitely until you learn to cope.

If you’re a realistic though, both options are problematic.

First, you have a job and a family, so you can’t just drop everything and become an emotional addict. Second, you likely have too many important financial commitments so you can’t afford to put thousands of pounds down indefinitely.

The solution?

The Only Training Program Designed Exclusively for Serious People Who Are Tired of Messing around With Free Solutions That Only Scratch The Surface

From what I’ve seen, there are two types of people in this emotional battle:

The strugglers: people who are constantly struggling to sustain a stable mental health whilst remaining emotionally in touch with problems that would usually break them down. They keep going through self-destructive loops where They are energetic or productive or super busy, then they hit painful road bumps that throw them into that anxious, frantic, depressed or angry place.

The controllers: People who've learnt to be successful at sustaining emotional stability despite the difficulties they face.  They understand the core of their emotions and know how to take back control of their mind by learning  how to keep themselves balanced. As such they keep depression and anxiety away from their lives effectively. In other words, they are not swimming around blindly. They know how to practically get the results they want.

The problem is, most advice on how to cope out there don’t go beyond scratching the surface, and just repeats what everybody else has said. There’s no unique perspectives that give long lasting solutions for your personal struggles.

And it’s frustrating as hell.

If you’re serious about developing emotional resilience, you don’t want some general and vague advice like just feel gratitude and you'll be happy. I mean, how do you feel gratitude when you wake up depressed or anxious every day? You want a step by step processes to you follow. You want a more hands-on approach.

If you’re serious about coping better emotionally, you’re sick of reading self-help books that offer optimistic words with that damaging " You can do it " attitude. When they offer no real solutions you can apply to your personal situation.

You want a worksheet and a one-page checklist for everything you have to do, broken down into steps you can actually follow and get results now.

If you’re serious about coping better emotionally, you’re tired of wading through thousands of websites, reading contradictory advice, and trying to figure out how to piece it all together. You want someone to just tell you what to do, so you can stop wasting time and get some freaking results.

It's Yours: Everything I Know About Coping Successfully With Impossible Situations and Difficult Emotions

For the first time, I’m publishing everything I know on how to cope better emotionally.

And these are not some strategies I plucked from the tree somewhere. I will be revealing Evidence-based Strategies carefully chosen from Neuroscience, Behavioural, Science Psychology, and Human Biology.

I will be diving deep into strategies for overcoming negative thinking, dealing with reduced energy and motivation. Developing the mental capacity to cope when faced with unwanted pressure. Learning how to stop freaking out inside when to many difficult situations hit you.

And it's not just a few vague steps either, but nuts and bolts instructions showing you every single step and detail.

In fact, I’m betting you’ll be staggered at how much I give you. Each course includes:

20 minutes to 1-hour worth of video tutorials. This isn’t some beginner-level tutorial teaching you a bunch of stuff you already know. We dive deep into advanced tactics and strategies, giving you real-life examples from myself and my clients, breaking it down so you understand exactly what to do.

Worksheets, video slides, checklists and tons of resources – everything you need to take action and get results fast.

Case examples you can identify with. Giving you first-hand demonstrations of how to use the resilience-building tools I use and recommend. In other words, no more wondering what to do. Instead of stumbling around by yourself, you'll be able to learn from me (Adewale) during our live monthly online workshops.

Here’s Just a Little of What You’ll Discover

How to overcome the feeling of overwhelm:  Build your mental capacity to cope under pressure when you feel like you're in a hole with the dirt caving in around you because too many things are on top of you.

How to get unstuck from repetitive negative situations: How to move forward productively with your life and avoid bad decisions that dump you in never-ending feelings of despondency.

How to become emotionally stronger: How to become resilient to emotions like anxiety, depression, and anger so you are not constantly on the verge of tears because of little things.

Overcoming habitual negative thinking: How to take control and talk yourself down from your mind becoming too chaotic. Especially when medication is not helping you with this.

How to get rid of the feeling of inadequacy: Tips and strategies for uprooting destructive self-belief systems and boosting your self-confidence permanently.

Advanced strategies for developing emotional resilience: How to avoid getting to your breaking point.

How Is All This Different from the Posts We Publish for Free?

Good question.

With videos running for a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour, we’ll go into much greater depth than we can in a typical 2,000 word blog post.

We’ll talk a lot more about how to do everything, instead of just telling you what to do. You’ll also receive worksheets, checklists and any other supplementary materials we think are helpful.

These are also much more advanced topics.

On the blog, we’re forced to cater to absolute beginners who are just starting to find their footing around emotional health content on the web. All they want is a few basic tips, not in-depth material designed to help them achieve mastery over their condition.

But if that’s all you needed, you’d already be uber-successful at coping, right?

That’s why we created The Take Back Control Membership site: to help you get to the next level. And yes, that involves giving you more advanced training, but it also means upping your game. We’re not going to water down the content or hover around and make sure you do the homework.

It’s time to get serious and do the work to break through.

When you first started, you were probably happy with all the free content on the web. It was all you could handle.

Now though, you might be feeling like a lot of the posts out there are a little… fluffy. They give you a lot of ideas, but they don’t give you step-by-step details on exactly how to do it and get results.

If that’s the case,it’s time for you to “graduate” And Take Back Control. You’re ready.

How Is This Different from the Other Emotional Well-being Membership Programs?

Everything I give you in Taking Back Control is compact.

No webinars to attend just to be given a few basic morsels, no interviews listening to people go on tangents hours and hours on end. I hate that as much as you do.

So, instead, I give you videos and transcripts teaching you all the important things you need to know and nothing else. You also get checklists to help remind you what to do, making it easier for you to take action without watching the videos again and again.

You get resources that tell you what tools to use, with links and recommendations, and tutorials that show you how to things, step-by-step.

You get a private, hidden Facebook group where you can talk to other people who are learning to cope better.

And to top it up, you also get my personal  support. Twice a month, I hop online with you in our dedicated online workshop to answer your questions and go even deeper. This is just an added extra to ensure that you are totally covered.

So, you’ll be getting…

Video tutorials, audio downloads and transcripts.

Checklists and work sheets that help take you through each strategy step by step.

Cheat sheets full of real example of how you can apply the strategies to yourself

Private hidden face book group to discuss with others who can relate with what you are going through

Online workshops and Question and answer sessions with me (Adewale). To ensure that you don’t get stranded by anything you don’t understand.

Video tutorials, audio downloads and transcripts.

Another difference:

I only teach concepts I actually use. Concepts that I have witnessed working on myself and my clients. Anything else would be kinda dishonest.

Here’s the Real Proof

Here are just a few testimonials from former clients who've learnt to apply the strategies You'll be learning

"I thought it was like the end of the world, I was so heavy I felt overloaded in my heart and in my brain and it was like I was stuck with everything... If not for my kids, I would have committed suicide. Sometimes I was crying without even knowing why I was crying...

Now I don’t feel overloaded anymore. I feel quite calm. I’m getting better about my thinking. No longer latching onto things I can’t control. I’m no longer worried...

Now it’s like I’ve taken off the load I was carrying. I stopped blaming myself with things like I was doing before."

Bimpe Ololade

Clarisa, a former client who was diagnosed with dyslexia and depression from an early age

"The sessions have helped me to stop over analysing everything.  I am now not getting overly stressed, which has had the effect of helping me manage my depression better.

I have been able to wean myself off my antidepressants, obviously with my doctor’s guidance.

Now for the first time in ten years, I have been off my antidepressants for almost a month, and I am still feeling better than I have ever felt in a long while. In the past, my depression would come back with full force within just one week of stopping my meds.

What’s strange is that my anxiety is also reduced even though I have been stressed beyond belief. My sleep has improved too..."

Clarisa Owen

James , a former client who was avoiding returning to work for fear that he would not cope. He had an emotional meltdown because the pressure at work became too much and had to be off work for just over 10 months.

"These sessions have helped me gain confidence to stop avoiding things that make me feel vulnerable. I have been able to face those things and still feel more relaxed than I ever thought I could be.

I'm finding that I am becoming more positive and not so down on myself.

I now realize that I am not a complete failure and this is making myself esteem better. I have also been dropping things that were sapping away my self-esteem. Things that I used to rely heavily on but did not know they were causing my problem."

James Lowry

James is now back at work functioning a lot better.

Now, I could list hundreds more, but you get the point, right? In fact, you might be wondering how much advice from someone like me is going to cost.

Let’s talk about that next.

Everything You Need to Know for less than the Price of a Cheap Dinner

Imagine for a moment that I’m coming to visit you. Since you’re a subscriber to, I call you up and ask if you’d like to go out to dinner.

“Can I ask you a few questions on how to cope better emotionally?” you ask.

“Sure,” I say.

“If you’ll pick up the check, I’ll let you ask me anything you want. We can even go somewhere cheap like TGI Fridays or Pizza hut.”

Would you take me up on it?

Or here’s an even better question:

What If I offered to come to your town and have dinner with you every month, teaching you everything I know about coping better emotionally, wouldn’t you joyfully continue buying me dinner month after month for as long as it took?

Well, that’s essentially the deal I’m offering you here.

Your membership fee to access Take Back Control and learn everything I know about coping emotionally is just a measly £15 per month – about the same price as a cheap dinner for two.

Why so cheap?

In the past, I’ve charged ultra-premium prices for each of my programs. The least expensive course we offered was £280 for just a weekend and it was fully subscribed – a steep price if you’re a struggling to make ends meet. We have intensive programs that cost a minimum of £500 per month.

So, there’s no mathematical reason to lower our prices.

But this community isn’t about math. It’s about something else entirely:

Creating a home.

Right now, there isn’t a place on the web for people like us.

Sure, the web is overflowing with self-help advice, but nearly all of it is targeted at people who have been hit so bad by their mental health that they are either struggling to function or no longer functioning in society again.

But you and me? We’re different.

You see in the past, when I was struggling with my anxiety, I looked like I had it all together.  I was functioning well enough that on the outside no one knew. But this meant I had to suffer in silence.

In fact, all the services that existed at the time, only catered to people who were struggling so bad that they were not functioning at all. So, it felt like I had no business accessing those services because they’d never believe me.

So, I spent over 20 years learning how to cope better. Blundering through trial and error. Making so many mistakes.

Boy, I would have quite easily given my arm for a community, catering to the needs of people who were high functioning although struggling with anxiety or depression. People who could tell me the pitfalls to avoid, or the best strategies to try.

And, the great news…

Up until now, you might’ve thought you were alone. The truth is though, there are thousands of people like us. We just haven’t had a place to gather.

Until now.

Join A Community of People who are truly devoted to building and maintaining their Emotional Resilience

Do you struggle emotionally, but are often too functional to have your mental health taking seriously.

Do you maintain work and functionality despite feeling suicidal all the time.

Do you manage a busy life whilst always feeling anxious and vulnerable inside

Do you push through everything you've got to do whilst feeling like you could crack or freak out at any moment.

Do you struggle with any other condition like diabetes, ADHD, bi-polar, Asperger's etc... That make normal life harder to cope with?

Advanced strategies for developing emotional resilience: How to avoid getting to your breaking point.

If yes, then the Taking Back Control membership program is for you.

Here is a glimpse of the what you can expect from the Taking Back Control community.

Feedback from one of our members who attended one of our live retreats.
Here ‘s a glimpse from Ruby, who attended one of our live membership retreat. This highlighting how our members feel about our emotional resilience building program:

“Oh, what a wonderful time we've had, I thank God for the opportunity, it was a gift that I didn't take for granted.

I miss my retreat family already. We formed strong bonds, we listened to one another, we motivated one another. We were all that we needed to one another during that time, which was great.

The retreat rekindled something inside of me, a warm feeling and stimulated and challenged my mind a great deal, in a positive way. I'm sure I'm already changed by the experience even though I cannot claim evidence of it at the moment but I know I'm not the same person who walked in that place…

Thank you very much to the team”

Ruby Tetyan

But just so you don’t think this is a fluke…

Here ‘s a glimpse from Donnette, highlighting how our members feel about our emotional resilience building program:

Will you love the Taking Back Control membership program as much?

I’d like to think so, but there’s no way for me to know for sure. So, that’s why I’m making it easy for you to try it out.Sign up today, check out the training materials for 7 days For Only £1 and decide what you think. (Offer only available for three days).

If you’re not overjoyed with the content, let us know, and we’ll issue you a refund. No questions asked, no delays and you can keep the content for the month. And the money goes right back into your account.

You can also cancel your account at any time.

You don’t even have to talk to us. You just send us an email to cancel and you’ll never be billed again. Ever.

The bottom line?

There’s absolutely no risk for giving this a try. If you want in, just click the button below.

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Warning: The Most Expensive Advice Is the Advice You Don’t Take

You might be thinking, “Well, I’m just getting started. Maybe I’ll potter around by myself for a while, see if I can figure out how to cope. Then I’ll come back to this later. “

But that’s a mistake.  Here’s why:

It’ll take you ten times as long. You’ll run into a simple problem, and you’ll waste days or even weeks trying to figure it out. For example, you might choose the wrong strength to focus on, which will have a nasty impact on your life. Potentially causing more pain and failure. Bringing you back to where you started.

My free emotional resilience plan can save you from some of that. Not all of it – learning anything is still going to be a struggle – but what if I save you a few years of frustration? What would that be worth to you?

And here’s the real question:

If you’re not willing to commit to £25 in order to avoid a life of pain and mistakes that dump you in negative cycles of self-doubt and overwhelm, then honestly this is not for you. And we would simply waste each other’s time.

I don’t say that to be mean. It’s just the honest truth.

Get your £1 trial offer now: OFFER ENDS IN 3 DAYS

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