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"I’ve tried a lot of the things you’ve told me out. I’m giving it all a go…

And it’s been a bit weird because I didn’t think I’d get results. And some other stuff we talked about, even though it makes sense, it still feels weird because it’s kind of like contradicting everything I've been told in the past. So is just kind of weird, but like a good weird if that makes sense.

At the start, I was confused, because I was like thinking how is this going to help me, but as it session has gone on, I felt it started to make more sense. And when I put into practice, it’s made even more sense. As I saw the results happening,

I would have never have thought toning down your strengths and stuff like that would help me. And I do feel it’s made the difference. My mum’s noticed a difference as well. And I can see how the things we talked about has changed to me for the better."

Christian Stokes

"I thought it was like the end of the world, I was so heavy I felt overloaded in my heart and in my brain and it was like I was stuck with everything... If not for my kids, I would have committed suicide. Sometimes I was crying without even knowing why I was crying...

Now I don’t feel overloaded anymore. I feel quite calm. I’m getting better about my thinking. No longer latching onto things I can’t control. I’m no longer worried...

Now it’s like I’ve taken off the load I was carrying. I stopped blaming myself with things like I was doing before."

Bimpe Ololade

"The sessions have helped me to stop over analysing everything.  I am now not getting overly stressed, which has had the effect of helping me manage my depression better.

I have been able to wean myself off my antidepressants, obviously with my doctor’s guidance.

Now for the first time in ten years, I have been off my antidepressants for almost a month, and I am still feeling better than I have ever felt in a long while. In the past, my depression would come back with full force within just one week of stopping my meds.

What’s strange is that my anxiety is also reduced even though I have been stressed beyond belief. My sleep has improved too..."

Clarisa Owen

"These sessions have helped me gain confidence to stop avoiding things that make me feel vulnerable. I have been able to face those things and still feel more relaxed than I ever thought I could be.

I'm finding that I am becoming more positive and not so down on myself.

I now realize that I am not a complete failure and this is making myself esteem better. I have also been dropping things that were sapping away my self-esteem. Things that I used to rely heavily on but did not know they were causing my problem."

James Lowry

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